Shayk 2 Pendant

Shayk 2 Pendant


Inspired by the intricate and honeycomb-like patterns on the dome-shaped ceiling in the main mosque of Isfahan, a marvel of Islamic and Safavid architecture, the Shayk 2 Pendant Lamp is made of high tech PET employing a complex industrial process. This pendant light is constructed from a single, technically complex yet simple module that is repeatedly interconnected in a circular fashion until a perfect elliptical form is created. Shayk 2 can be assembled in two different shapes of different diameter. The shadows and patterns that Shayk projects on the surrounding walls are dazzling and as pleasing to the eye as the lamp itself.


Lighting cord included.  Cord is 15 feet long and provided with a plug and switch.  Alternatively all cords can be spliced and hard wired into a ceiling outlet.


Length 9.5” (43 cm) 
Diam 10.5” (27 cm) 
Length 9.5” (43 cm) 
Diam. 8.5” (22cm)

high tech PP and PET

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