Copenhagan 2.0 Speaker

Copenhagan 2.0 Speaker


Copenhagen 2.0 weaves years of refined craftsmanship with contemporary lifestyle. With its light Nordic design, the loudspeaker plays elegantly together with the surroundings, while it fills your room with great sound from virtually any music source. Simple to use and portable, Copenhagen 2.0 lets you create the atmosphere to suit your moment.

It’s pure enjoyment in every detail.

Energetic vibe. Vibrant colors.
And that understated Nordic look and feel.

Vifa’s cool, clever Copenhagen speaker now comes in an upgraded version, allowing you to interconnect
with other Copenhagen 2.0 or Stockholm 2.0 speakers in your home.

Copenhagen is exquisite sound-design. Reflecting a certain philosophy: Respect for materials, for details, for the user.

Explore a simply amazing musical experience, which you can now extend throughout the house, to any room, any corner that you want.

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